Products & Services

Best products, best services, one partner: The RAN GmbH

The RAN GmbH is an innovative and modern company. We offer a broad range of high-quality products and individually designed services for our international customers. Our top priority is the continuing satisfaction of our customers and the operational reliability of our products and services.

We provide you with information about our products and services. In case you have any questions that remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help and appreciate your initiative!

Machinery & Equipment

Quality in 1st and 2nd hand made by RAN

We are happy to offer you new as well as second hand machinery - proven to maintain RAN quality standards and objectives.

Machinery & EquipmentConstruction machines are not only a large capital investment, but also often times only needed for one single project. In order to meet the specific demands concerning this situation, we are happy to offer the purchase of second hand machinery that is being approved by the RAN quality assurance team and thus contains the required standards needed to get into the pool of RAN machineries.

Service Check

We inspect your machines

Quality is one of the top priorities at RAN and manifested deeply in the company philosophy. In order to ensure the conformance of all RAN machines to the latest quality standards, highly experienced quality engineers check all RAN machines on a regular basis. In doing so, obsolete parts are being replaced, general checks are performed and the newest technologies are implemented. The most recent quality standards assure a more efficient business process and emphasize the competitiveness of your company in the long term.

Do not hesitate to contact us any time in case of questions concerning the service check!

SERVICE CHECK in the Emirates (UAE)

Spare Parts

Spare partsSpare parts are both a requirement for the smooth operation of businesses and one of our main business units. The products offered by us are exclusively original parts, containing large amounts of spare parts that are available on a constant basis and thus transferable to our customers instantaneously.

Amongst others, we offer the following products and their spare parts:

  • Mobile concrete Pumps
  • Transit concrete Mixers
  • Concrete Batching Plants
  • Cement Silos
  • Head Trucks
  • Serveral Construction Machines

Buy & Sell

RAN GmbH – Exclusively top quality for fair prices.

Bux & SellAlso, one of our core competences is buying and selling high quality and high performance construction machines. In case you are interested in buying a machine, or if you have any questions concerning the purchase of a machine, don't hesitate to contact us.

Machinery to buy and sell:

  • New & used mobile concrete pumps
  • New & used transit concrete mixers
  • Mobile concrete mixer-pumps
  • Concrete Batching Plants
  • Construction Machines
  • Head trucks
  • Trailers

Service & Support

Service & Support

Service for your business and machines

RAN is offering a wide range of services with regards to the purchase and sale of machines. We are happy to provide our advice for your individual business procedures and support you with our sound competence concerning all measures that are necessary  to realize your personal wishes and desires.

Before, while and after the sale – we are always available for you in order to answer your individual questions and simplify or optimize your business process through our experience.

Call us, send us an email or use our contact form – we appreciate your interest and are looking forward to provide you with an individually adapted offer.

Sales Support

A convenience for our customers, for us an implicitness.

Sales SupportIn order to fulfill our personal objective of satisfying our customer needs at all times, we are pleased to offer broad services concerning sale and after-sale. Amongst others, these services include:


  • Error diagnosis in the case of technical questions
  • Immediate technical support in case of technical perturbations
  • Delivery of spare parts and supplies
  • Effective and comfortable communication with our service-teams
  • Project analysis and feasibility studies
  • Project financing and simplification of Joint Ventures
  • Selection of machines and negotiation of exclusive pricing policies from our suppliers
  • Interface between buyers and sellers


As a special service, we are pleased to offer inspection certificates for our big construction machines exclusively from the manufacturer of our machines, in order to assure a smooth functionality of all machines.

Transportation & Assurances

Safety is one of our top priorities.

Transportation & AssurancesAs a highly customer-focused company RAN GmbH is always aiming at satisfying their customers through offering superior services in the frame of the purchase of our products. In order to provide the most comfortable, but at the same time the safest solutions for our customers, we are happy to offer the following after sales services as an additional option:


  • Acquisition of the transport risk
  • Acquisition of the risk of machine failure
  • Processing the entire insurance procedure
  • Insuring of all means of transportation


The RAN GmbH is looking forward to offering these special services. Do not hesitate to ask - we are glad to create the most convenient, reliable and favorable option to you!