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RAN - Innovative, experienced and capable.

The RAN GmbH is a modern and innovative company, providing high-quality products and services in the global building machines market.
Our main business, buying and selling concrete and construction machines of all kinds and sizes, is being accompanied by our flexible and reactive spare parts business which allows us to ensure smooth business operations for our customers at any time. Furthermore, we are glad to offer our know-how and competent services in the frame of international project cooperations with global companies that generate a variety of possibilities for us as well as for our customers.

Efficient functionality of our machines is our main concern and priority. In order to fulfill this request to ourselves dependably, we inspect our machines precisely before they are finally being delivered to their buyer. This ensures the optimization of their performance and guaranteeing their outstanding functionality.


No question will remain unanswered

Do you have any questions concerning the RAN GmbH, products or prices? Just write to us directly using the contact form. We are happy to treat your request as soon as possible!


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